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Bertrand Mandico's Cinema

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Depressive Cop

Bertrand Mandico France, 2015

On a Scottish island, a depressive police investigates the disappearance of a girl. The mournful mother is responsible for the disappearance of the inhabitants of the island.

Y a-t-il une vierge encore vivante?

Bertrand Mandico France, 2015

According to an English legend, Joan of Arc did not die at the stake. Her eyes were burned and she was deflowered by an English stallion. She was then condemned to wander on the battlefield, like a scavenger, on the lookout for life, in search of virgins still alive.

Our Lady of Hormones

Bertrand Mandico France, 2014

Our Lady of Hormones goes into the surreal and fantastic realm of two actresses lost in a magical land where a strange, ugly object of pleasure rules.

Souvenirs d'un montreur de seins

Bertrand Mandico France, 2014

Bertrand Mandico might just be at his most restrained here: a one-woman show for regular collaborator Elina Löwensohn, who, in direct spoken voiceover (sometimes repeated as if a mantra), and in metaphor, we hear described what the experience of her body feels like to her—the skin she lives in.

Prehistoric Cabaret

Bertrand Mandico France, 2013

Arnarstrapi, Iceland. In a Cabaret, a woman master of ceremonies performs an esoteric coloscopy act with a strange organic camera.

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