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Pride Unprejudiced: An LGBTQ Celebration

MUBI Special

Celebrating Pride London and the 50th anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality in England with a special programme of wonderfully bold, utterly unique films that look at LGBTQ themes from a diverse range of genres and original perspectives. From queer melodrama and insightful documentary, to satirical sexual radicalism… let’s get this party started.

The Raspberry Reich

Bruce LaBruce Canada, 2004

We close our Pride Unprejudiced series with pure provocation: Bruce LaBruce’s wild, deliciously profane and confrontational satire of leftist violent political radicalism. But not just the political radical but, of course, the sexual radical as well. Terrorism, sex and politics—now this is cinema!

The Invisibles

Sébastien Lifshitz France, 2012

Guided by a buoyant joie de vivre, this documentary traces the adversity of homophobia faced by 12 amiable subjects. With great energy and insight, the film charts through conversation France’s sexual liberation: the battles won thus far, and the many rights which remain to be fought for.

To Die Like a Man

João Pedro Rodrigues Portugal, 2009

Who better to help us celebrate London Pride than João Pedro Rodrigues, one of Portugal’s great filmmakers and a powerful force in new queer cinema! Touching on R.W. Fassbinder and Godard, Rodrigues’s formalist melodrama of a Lisbon drag queen is redolent with color and desire—an unforgettable film.


Xavier Dolan Canada, 2010

For better or for worse, Xavier Dolan is one of the most divisive figures in contemporary cinema. Said division partly started with this sophomore work, and for good reason: baroque emotions, ostentatious colours, and bracing romanticism–and from where we’re standing, this is ecstatic filmmaking.

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