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Introducing Julian Radlmaier

MUBI Special

This season we’re presenting the global online premiere of Self-Criticism of a Bourgeois Dog, a wittily self-reflexive (and self-deprecating) comic drama of arthouse moviemaking and the feature debut by up-and-coming German director Julian Radlmaier. Leading up to this gem, Radlmaier made two terrific mid-length short films that also exhibit his delightful combination of rigorous political debate and wry humor.

A Proletarian Winter's Tale

Julian Radlmaier Germany, 2014


Our admiration for the inventive political cinema of Julian Radlmaier continues with his next short. Taking aim at class relations in an uncanny scenario which includes black holes, revolution, and a fairy tale sensibility, A Proletarian Winter’s Tale confirms a distinct new cinematic voice.

A Spectre Is Haunting Europe

Julian Radlmaier Germany, 2012


The memory of 20th century communism is resurrected with joyous rebellion in this inspired mid-length film from the promising up-and-comer Julian Radlmaier. Brilliant tonal modulation guides this inspired mix of politics, absurdist humor, and history in contemporary Berlin.

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