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American Outsider: The Films of Kelly Reichardt

MUBI Special

We’re proud to present the global online premiere of American independent director Kelly Reichardt’s feature film debut, “River of Grass.” To celebrate a new restoration of this classic indie, we’re showing several films by this cinema poet of the American outsider.

Meek's Cutoff

Kelly Reichardt United States, 2010


After the discretion of Wendy and Lucy Kelly Reichardt surprised us with her own take on the Western genre: intensely focused, fascinatingly observant, and loaded with portent. It continues Reichardt’s rich partnership with Michelle Williams, but it is Bruce Greenwood as Meek who steals the show.

River of Grass

Kelly Reichardt United States, 1994


We’re showcasing a new restoration of stalwart American independent Kelly Reichardt’s debut, which premiered at Sundance this year alongside her latest film, Certain Women. A fugitive drama, its dedication to outcasts in the American landscape would become a hallmark of this very special director.

Old Joy

Kelly Reichardt United States, 2006


After 12 years away, Kelly Reichardt returned to independent filmmaking with this small scale but beguiling portrait of two men, no longer young, not quite old, trying to resume a friendship. With a lush Oregon setting and precise social detail—a director hallmark—she made a road movie in miniature.

Wendy and Lucy

Kelly Reichardt United States, 2008


We’re devoting a 4-film series to Kelly Reichardt to celebrate the new restoration of her debut, River of Grass. Our tribute begins with the movie that opened this independent, socially inquisitive American sensibility to a larger public: her powerful first collaboration with Michelle Williams.

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