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Restored Noir

MUBI Special

Two classic gems from NOIR CITY, America’s premiere film noir festival, now restored in HD and out on home video. Featuring such classic players as Lizabeth Scott, Dan Duryea, and Ann Sheridan, this double bill is a treat for fans of Hollywood shadows.

Woman on the Run

Norman Foster United States, 1950


Our second restored noir, now on a Flicker Alley Blu-ray, is something else: the lighter side of noir. Starring the great Ann Sheridan, Woman is several things at once: a punchy chase movie, a sassy comedy of remarriage, and a loving, shot-on-location document of the streets of San Francisco.

Too Late For Tears

Byron Haskin United States, 1949


We’re proud to present two rescued and restored film noir gems, out now from Flicker Alley. The first is a slick, nasty take on a classic noir theme: an ordinary couple dragged into crime and perversion, with femme fatale extraordinaire Lizabeth Scott and noir stalwart Dan Duryea (Scarlet Street).

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