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Raúl Ruiz's Dreams

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Chilean fantasist filmmaker Raúl Ruiz made more than 100 films during his incredibly prolific career. Imaginative, inventive, surreal, and beguiling, Ruiz’s cinema invites the audience to enter dreamy worlds within worlds.

Three Lives and Only One Death

Raúl Ruiz France, 1996


In another brilliantly miasmic fantasia from Chilean exile and master storyteller Raúl Ruiz, the great Marcello Mastroianni stars in his second-to-last role. An incredible, shape-shifting story passed from one character to the next, each each step gets stranger and more delightful than the last.

Love Torn in a Dream

Raúl Ruiz Portugal, 2000

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Coming to you as if from a dream half-remembered, two oneiric fantasies by the great Chilean fabulist Raúl Ruiz. First, a great guide—with pages torn out—for beginners, this picture has stories-within-stories covering nearly the whole range of Ruiz’s diverse passions, from pulp to intellectual.

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