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Serial Thrillers

MUBI Special

An encore return to our horrific autumn: a double feature of supremely creepy serial killer classics from West Germany in the 1970s and America in the 1980s.

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer

John McNaughton United States, 1986


This underrated work born from the American indie film boom of the 80s is a potent vision, bringing horror close to home with fresh, live-wire intensity. Hailed in 1986 as one of the best, most important films of the year—but a tough watch. See if you can take the trip.

Tenderness of the Wolves

Ulli Lommel West Germany, 1973


Frequent Rainer Werner Fassbinder collaborator Ulli Lommel directed this stylish portrait of a serial killer. Replete with the several talents from Fassbinder’s cabinet of actors (including Rainer himself!), this unfairly forgotten film is an incisive look into a warped mind in a troubled society.

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