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South Africa's "B Movies"

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Tonie Van Der Merwe South Africa, 1986


The final newly restored film in our series on genre films made specifically for black South Africans—though notably directed by the white Van Der Merwe—is a Zulu western! This most American of genres is cleverly appropriated for a new setting that wildly changes the stakes—and the participants.

Rich Girl

Tonie Van Der Merwe South Africa, 1985


Our focus on apartheid-era South African filmmaker Van Der Merwe and his groundbreaking all-black genre films continues with a newly restored film of his over 400 productions. Rich Girl is in Zulu, a language Van Der Merwe helped introduce to South African cinema despite speaking it poorly himself.

Fishy Stones

Tonie Van Der Merwe South Africa, 1985


Today we launch South Africa’s B Movies, focusing on Tonie Van Der Merwe, who spearheaded the “B-scheme” under apartheid, making all-black movies for black audiences. Films like Fishy Stones energetically and thriftily channeled Hollywood to give black actors their own space on the silver screen.

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