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A Holiday with M. Tati

MUBI Special


Jacques Tati France, 1974

A perfect platform for the director’s signature slapstick, Jacques Tati’s last film sees him act as the virtuoso conductor of a circus, wherein both the performers and spectators take part in the whole parade! Made for Swedish television, it is Tati’s homage to the arts he had begun his career with.


Jacques Tati France, 1971

Jacques Tati’s final outing as M. Hulot, Trafic continues where Playtime left off. This time using a seemingly never-ending voyage from A to B as his playground, Trafic is a similarly sharp, ambitious parody of the chaos of modern life, highly stylized and tempered by Tati’s masterful hand.


Jacques Tati France, 1967

Celebrate the winter holidays Mr. Hulot! With its majestic set (called Tativille!) and it’s meticulous work on the acoustics of modern life, Playtime is a masterpiece of slapstick, but also an astute criticism of consumer’s society and the asepticism of urban landscapes in the era of globalisation.

Mon oncle

Jacques Tati France, 1958

For his first film in color, and his second as the legendary Monsieur Hulot, Jacques Tati won an Academy Award for the spectacular visual comedy Mon Oncle—an enormously entertaining film that nonetheless manages to pack quite the punch, poking fun at the new social and economic order of modern life.

M. Hulot's Holiday

Jacques Tati France, 1953

Re-edited, re-orchestrated & re-mixed over a period of 25 years, the genius Jacques Tati made his first outing as the beloved quixotic figure Monsieur Hulot in this sensational postwar comedy. A painstakingly choreographed social satire—a film that fills its ever frame with tremendous visual humor.

Jour de fête

Jacques Tati France, 1949

The iconic French maestro of slapstick Jacques Tati has enchanted generation after generation of children and cinephiles alike. His first feature is both a hilarious comedy and an incisive observation on post-war French society, seen through the eyes of the most charming, and clumsy, of postmen.

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