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The Long Take

MUBI Special

Our two-part ode to the “long take”—a bravura technique of using camera shots of extended duration, rather than the conventional style of rapid cutting between shorter shots—showcases two vivid but incredibly different contemporary examples. The first film is audaciously made of one single shot, elaborately choreographing a long, dangerous night in Berlin. The second is a novelistic epic film made up of epic shots, using the time to immerse the audience in a patient and continuously unfolding drama.

Norte, the End of History

Lav Diaz Philippines, 2013


Powerfully transplanting “Crime and Punishment” to the Philippines, Norte continues our exploration of long camera shots in contemporary cinema. Lav Diaz brings his singular immersive use of duration to this saga to expand our perspective on its characters’ emotions, psychology, and their world.


Sebastian Schipper Germany, 2015

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Our double feature this week is devoted to two visionary uses of the long take, a bold technique that uses extended duration of shots to expressive affect. No recent film has taken this as far as Victoria, a bravura, serpentine tour of a single night in Berlin held in the camera’s taut suspense.

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