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Depth Two

Ognjen Glavonic France, 2016

A powerful work on memory, Depth Two symbolically unearths the past through oral testimony, presenting us with a piece of muted history–literally buried and perhaps soon forgotten. Through its minimalism, this film affectively evokes the sense of place to further emphasize the horror it beholds.


João Pedro Plácido Portugal, 2014

This impressionistic coming-of-age story, set in and among pastoral landscapes in northern Portugal, follows the road (and people) less traveled: those (old and young) who choose to live off the land, and live communally—instead of emigrating abroad. Shown in partnership with Visions du Reel.

California City

Bastian Günther Germany, 2014

A nameless character (X) is on a work trip through the post-apocalyptic environment of the housing crisis in the Mojave Desert. His job is to exterminate pests from the pools of foreclosed homes. On the road through this isolated region, everything reminds him of Chelsea, his ex-girlfriend.

Homeland (Iraq Year Zero)

Abbas Fahdel France, 2015

For several months, the director filmed a group of Iraqis, mostly members of his family, in their expectation of the war; the start of U.S. strikes on Baghdad, the American invasion and its consequences.

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