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We Are What We Fear: A Halloween Series

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The Babadook

Jennifer Kent Australia, 2014

Horror as a genre has long facilitated some of the most deeply felt renderings of loss in cinema. With her acclaimed film The Babadook, director Jennfier Kent picked up this mantle with a chilling treatise on the many shapes grief can take, and the battle that is motherhood. A modern horror classic.

Season of the Witch

George A. Romero United States, 1972

Best known for ushering in the modern idea of zombies, the late George A. Romero applied an incisive level of social commentary in his underrated—even forgotten—non-undead films. Thus, the stellar Season of the Witch takes aim at the nuclear family and invokes witchcraft as an attractive answer.

We Are What We Are

Jim Mickle United States, 2013

This loose reinterpretation of Mexican horror film Somos lo que hay reset to upstate New York focuses on a demented patriarch and his family to tell a tale of evil of immeasurable proportions. Overwhelming dread guides this slow churn of gothic horror and familial bonds to an unforgettable finale.

Village of the Damned

John Carpenter United States, 1995

Now that Halloween has a new sequel in cinemas, we look at Carpenter’s own reinterpretation of a previous classic of the genre. This remake not only brings colour to the extraordinarily unsettling stare of those alien-like kids, but also notes of unexpected dark humour and a welcome 90s flavour.

The Curse of Frankenstein

Terence Fisher United Kingdom, 1957

Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing unite for this Hammer Studios interpretation (their first of many!) of the Promethean tale of reanimation. Refocusing towards the moral failings of Frankenstein’s experiment, Curse immerses one fully in the existential failure and dread of Mary Shelley’s masterwork.

It Follows

David Robert Mitchell United States, 2014

Today David Robert Mitchell’s It Follows kicks off our annual Halloween series encompassing horror cinema. Taking a healthy amount of influence from past masters, this excavation of trauma as experienced by the youth of American suburbia is one of the finest and most frightening films of the decade.

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