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A Star is Born

Regisserad av William A. Wellman
USA, 1937


A Star Is Born följer en blivande skådespelerskas (Janet Gaynor) uppgång och väg till framgång och förmögenhet, medan den också skildrar hennes make, en matinéidols motsatta öde (Fredric March) som upptäckte henne. När hon når toppen av sin framgång, faller han ner i alkoholism och depression.

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Hollywood Regisserad av William A. Wellman

Utmärkelser & festivaler

Academy Awards

1938 | 2 priser

1938 | 6 nomineringar inklusive: Best Picture

National Board of Review

1937 | Vinnare: Top Ten Films


if I like Wellman’s [version of A Star Is Born the] best of the three it’s because it’s the one that best impresses upon me a sense of excitement in the star’s ascent—it’s the one that dares exalt the victories of the Hollywood system at the same time that it laments its losses.
August 04, 2014
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There are continual bursts of rough color surrounded by an almost enveloping darkness. It’s a darkness that surrounds not only the image but also the story and when it literally and figuratively envelops Fredric March’s Norman Maine, a Taxi-Driver-esque scenario emerges: is what happened real or is it a fantasy, wherein a woman actually gets to keep her successful career without being forced to choose between it and her less successful husband?
July 01, 2014
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Wellman excelled in proletarian dramas: His tough-love approach to characterization, which made him an ideal storyteller for the Depression, typically denied the sympathy expected in love stories. The results, if not quite extraordinary, are certainly fascinating—the sort of great, instructive experiment that regularly emerged from studio assignations in this era.
March 12, 2010
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  • josé neves's rating of the film Hollywood

    35mm, restoration from UCLA archive, rewatched. Any text inevitably would be inferior to every aspect of this film's revolutionary narrative: realism underneath a proto-narrative conception - at the start and end -, immersed in Natalie Kalmus technicolor. Fredric March and Janet Gaynor, two of the more evanescent stars of Hollywood's firmament are in perfect connection, heaven knows Mrs. Norman Maine.

  • Log Lady's rating of the film Hollywood

    I've seen the 1954 version, but I think I like this more. A solid melodrama about success and surviving in Hollywood that even at its happiest moments has a little melancholy. March's subtle performance is the brightest star, however. He's convincing as a drunk but handles the charming aspects of the role equally well. The scene where he meets Gaynor for the first time is the cutest thing.

  • elenagallen's rating of the film Hollywood

    Average town girl dreams of lalaland and meets love and success at a great cost. A melodrama lightly based on the much more obscure couple formed between rising Hollywood star Barbara Stanwyck and decayed stand up comedian Frank Fay.

  • Hugo Poderoso's rating of the film Hollywood

    This film is amazingly powerful in the way it conveys states of mind or the undercurrent of its sequences through staging. Pay attention to Fredric March listening to Janet Gaynor, while he's in bed, with a somber low key lightning that only reveals his eyes, and the way that shots are inserted in the whole sequence; or when he's told that he's over, and Gaynor is having a photo session in the background.

  • Orion Anderson's rating of the film Hollywood

    A classic in both positive and negative aspects. A somewhat by-the-numbers story, but executed quite well. The early Technicolor and the performances from Gaynor and March are the true highlights of this film.

  • Matthew_Lucas's rating of the film Hollywood

    This top shelf Hollywood melodrama is the first incarnation of the story that would go on to be remade twice (with another in the works). It is in many ways the quintessential Hollywood tale, about a young girl from nowhere who goes to Hollywood, catches the eye of its biggest star, and hits the big time just as he begins to lose his popularity. Studio product (produced by David O. Selznick) at its finest.

  • Michael H. CLAES's rating of the film Hollywood

    Frederic MARCH pitiful beaten dog. Janet GAYNOR luminous. The film is terribly dated, colorization creating an opposite effect to that sought. === Frédéric MARCH pitoyable chien battu. Janet GAYNOR lumineuse. Le film est terriblement daté, sa couleur créant un effet opposé à celui recherché.

  • dionysus67's rating of the film Hollywood

    One of those grand moral narratives that early Hollywood was so capable of, this time offering a partial, yet not at all insubstantial, critique of the movie industry. The real star here is a remarkably versatile Fredric March whose fatalistic decline is expertly concealed behind a mask of fragile happiness. Tightly scipted, this is perfectly tuned to move but also to enlighten on the major strains of life (re)born.

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