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Betyg & recensioner

  1. The Mayor Of Hell's rating of the film Absence of Malice

    Yuck. Even if one did not know the backstory behind this film, it is easy to discern that this comes from some personal animosity against the press in general. But is it Pollacks grudge or Numans? Obviously it’s numans, who is able to strong arm his director into becoming a mere hack tool for his actor to sermonize over the shittiness of the press. Field gets no favors by having to play the dumbest reporter ever.

  2. Superfrog's rating of the film Absence of Malice

    Really good surprise and very politically acute analysis of the media/power dynamics, with a slightly unrealistic revenge twist.

  3. atpgaga's rating of the film Absence of Malice

    I gave this a chance because of Paul Newman & Sydney Pollock. Also being too trusting of MUBI. It has casual misogyny throughout, making Newman thoroughly unlikable and I've come to the conclusion I'm not really a Sally Field fan (Absence of Talent.) #sorrySally

  4. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Absence of Malice

    A lesser film from the great Sydney Pollack, Absence Of Malice is still enjoyable and interesting stuff. It's all about integrity (or the lack of), mainly in journalism but also in police investigation tactics. Paul Newman and Sally Field both do well in their lead roles, and there's also a solid supporting cast.

  5. Mike Jempson's rating of the film Absence of Malice

    A cast and style that inveigles the unsuspecting audience into the ethical dilemmas faced by journalists. Nice touch that the central murder story is never (meant to be) resolved, but the journalistic urge to get a story (any story) that so often perplexes the outsider, is nicely handled. Great 'old technology' intro and a pity Pollack had to deviate from 'actualite' to comply with Hollywood's demand for schmaltz.

  6. Andy Mac's rating of the film Absence of Malice

    Forgot how good this film is - and how stunning Paul Newman was! xxx

  7. tinderness's rating of the film Absence of Malice

    Hochprofessionell, intelligent und unterhaltsam. Empfehlenswert zum Entspannen mit überraschenden Wendungen. Wenig überzeugend ist das Verhältnis zwischen den beiden ProtagonistInnen, welches zwischen Liebe, Aggression und einer unwägbaren Abhängigkeit selbstverordneter Wahrheitssuche bestimmt ist. Daß man sich eines Tages wiedersehen wird, gehört zum Fundus des Melodrams, das nicht zum Rest des Filmes passt.

  8. Aardsy's rating of the film Absence of Malice

    Eventually something will happen.

  9. Filipe F. Coutinho's rating of the film Absence of Malice

    Even though fascinating as far as the ethical implications of poorly sourced journalism, Pollack's film is oddly bland. It lacks the pace, the urgency and the moral heft the theme implies. Had it been more deftly realized, this could have been an essential film considering our current landscape.

  10. FISCHER's rating of the film Absence of Malice

    Film intéressant et sympathique sur la puissance de la presse et ce fameux quatrième pouvoir souvent encensé, ici décrié. Personne honnête ou véreuse, peu importe, il suffit de se protéger derrière la trop fameuse clause professionnelle : "absence of malice", à savoir : absence d'intention de nuire...

  11. William's rating of the film Absence of Malice

    3.5 Compelling drama exploring the ethics of journalism. Wilford Brimley gives the final half hour a real shot of life. Bob Balaban definitely went too far with the rubber band thing though.

  12. Dalibor's rating of the film Absence of Malice

    Spectacularly unspectacular twist of a story rewarding the ones who can keep focus. First comes the slow pace, then some quirky acting and unconvincing character lines eventually compensated by Wilfred Brimley's role, and finally notion you were left empty handed just as everyone else but Newman. But only to make your decision regarding the spectacle-chasing premise of both it's main topic and movie in general.

  13. Steve Pulaski's rating of the film Absence of Malice

    Give Wilford Brimley a belated Oscar, will ya?