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All I Desire

Regisserad av Douglas Sirk
USA, 1953


År 1900 övergav Naomi Murdoch sin familj för scenen. Tio år senare, bjuder dottern Lily in Naomi för att se henne i Riverdale gymnasiets skolpjäs.

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All I Desire Regisserad av Douglas Sirk


All I Desire, a modest work in some ways, displays the essentials of Sirk’s perfected style—dramatic high-contrast lighting . . . , supple camera work combined with a considerable amount of movement within the frame, and unashamedly emotional acting so marked by sincerity that it never feels unnatural.
April 09, 2018
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It stars Barbara Stanwyck in the first of two films [she and Sirk] made together and, in both of these films, she conveys the burden of the past, of a personal history that has burned painful wisdom into her soul. She comes off as a woman who has lived; and, in both, she utters the word “No” with a distinctive, unforgettably round-pointed vowel that she tears from her throat like a worldly, dignified, ladylike cry.
January 02, 2013
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