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Baby the Rain Must Fall

Regisserad av Robert Mulligan
USA, 1965


Faithful wife Georgette arrives in Texas to join her shiftless, no-good husband, Henry, who’s just been paroled from the state penitentiary. Henry hopes for a career as a songwriter and gets jobs singing and strumming in grimy roadhouses.

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Popsångare på glid Regisserad av Robert Mulligan


This 1965 feature marks the second time that director Robert Mulligan and writer Horton Foote collaborated on an adaptation of Foote’s stage drama The Traveling Lady (the first was in 1957, when they created a one-hour version for TV), which might explain why it feels a little too thought-out for its own good. Foote’s metaphors and psychological insights are so clearly delineated that there’s little room for spontaneity, though the actors do what they can with the space they’re given.
November 20, 2013
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