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Cool Hand Luke

Regisserad av Stuart Rosenberg
USA, 1967
Drama, Deckare


When Luke Johnson is sentenced to two years on a chain gang in a rural Florida prison, he refuses to let it break his spirit and becomes an emblem of hope to the other inmates.

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Cool Hand Luke Regisserad av Stuart Rosenberg

Utmärkelser & festivaler

Academy Awards

1968 | Vinnare: Best Actor in a Supporting Role

1968 | 3 nomineringar inklusive: Best Actor in a Leading Role

Directors Guild of America

1968 | Nominerad: Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Motion Pictures

Golden Globes (USA)

1968 | 2 nomineringar inklusive: Best Actor - Drama

National Society of Film Critics Awards

1968 | Andraplats: Best Cinematography


What holds the film together, irresistibly, is Newman, who was unmatched at creating characters who were at once romantic and cynical, hard-bitten and yearning, idealistic and self-destructive. No American actor has ever embodied wounded, confused masculinity with more skill or grace; you want to know Luke even as he pulls away from everyone and into himself, and his struggle to get wherever he’s trying to go remains vivid and moving.
November 22, 2017
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Luke is one of those movies that seemed almost irredeemably dated maybe thirty years after it came out, but then left period associations behind and became timeless. It has its absurd or regrettable touches—such as that moment where the sexy young farm wife washes a car, nearly fellating a hose and squashing her breasts up against a passenger side window; images quickly appropriated by TV ads and sketch comedy shows—but its vagueness has proved more a benefit than a liability.
January 01, 2016
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