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Dallas Buyers Club

Regisserad av Jean-Marc Vallée
USA, 2013


Loosely based on the life tale of accidental activist Ron Woodroof, a drug-taking, womanising, homophobic man who when diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and given thirty days to live, smuggled in treatment from all over the world and provided fellow patients with the alternative treatment.

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Dallas Buyers Club Regisserad av Jean-Marc Vallée
Dallas Buyers Club proves at least intermittently that Vallée is capable of hinting at the subtle dualities within Woodroof’s complex character and his life-changing journey, but more often than not it impulsively switches gear into prestige-picture mode, goading the audience into a highly codified and instructed path of emotions.
February 06, 2014
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What kind of culture looks back at the treatment-deficient years of the AIDS crisis and thinks that there’s a heartwarming redemption story in it, aBlind Side meets Archie Bunker dramedy just waiting to happen? The kind of culture that avidly rewards such thinking.
January 03, 2014
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On this one, I’m mostly in agreement with R. Kurt Osenlund, whose politically charged piece intones with a sense of fed-up finality: Why must we continue to not only accept but elevate this sort of myopic message-mongering? As a heterosexual, I can’t speak with the same authority, but I nonetheless found the film’s portrayal of LGBTQ culture to be staggeringly one-note and its bid for queer awareness to be almost pathetically flawed.
December 11, 2013
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