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Betyg & recensioner

  1. dionysus67's rating of the film El Dorado

    Highly enjoyable Western which represents well the Hawksian filmic world. At the epicentre lie flawed, crude and injured (physically and emotionally) characters, whose partial virtues and skills paradoxically cohere against the odds and against the villains. This is cinema of the individualism at its best and Hawks delivers some superb set-pieces (e.g. church shootings), beautifully photographed in the small town.

  2. Enrico Gaudenzi's rating of the film El Dorado

    Sceneggiatura di ferro (e godibili), attori in stato di grazia, musiche curate, volti scelti come solo un Maestro è in grado di fare. Capolavoro, ancora.

  3. Ethan's rating of the film El Dorado

    This is pretty much just a lesser version of Rio Bravo but it still has its moments.

  4. the_mentaculus's rating of the film El Dorado

    Diet Rio Bravo. The actors' play directly to their personas, and the story is as straightforward as they come - given Hawks' mastery of set pieces, there's hardly any mess in the experience. (Except for that one gust of racism that's so strong and unexpected it nearly blew me over.)

  5. J.J. 'Jake' Gittes's rating of the film El Dorado

    Very much bleak. Full of stereotypes. Although there is some action in, it strangely comes across boring. Terrible dialogues. The numereous comedic elements are flat & become a pain in the ass.

  6. FISCHER's rating of the film El Dorado

    Le plaisir de voir réuni le trio John Wayne, Robert Mitchum et le "jeune" James Caan...

  7. Landen Celano's rating of the film El Dorado

    Robert Mitchum > Dean Martin. James Caan > Ricky Nelson. John Wayne = John Wayne.

  8. Chris's rating of the film El Dorado

    not sure if westerns are really my thing (especially with the casual racism and the bigots that tend to be involved with them) but this was decent... ill try some more

  9. Stian Gledje Bekkvik's rating of the film El Dorado

  10. Stu Witmer's rating of the film El Dorado

    This ridiculous fantasy of the "Old West" may as well take place in a galaxy far, far away. The characters and relationships are contrived and clichéd. Leigh Brackett's dialogue is just plain wacky. Nice sets though.

  11. Nuno Gonçalves's rating of the film El Dorado

    "Two crippled, a 'green' and an old indian fighter", just perfect!

  12. Daniel Metcalf's rating of the film El Dorado

    Pretty much perfect. Has everything that makes me love watching Howard Hawks films. I could imagine watching this at any time and enjoying myself. You see "hang out" movies made nowadays with older male actors enjoying themselves, but they all pale in comparison to Hawks' films. Three of my favourite actors (I wish James Caan was in more great films) at the top of their game, plenty of hilarious moments throughout.

  13. Jason's rating of the film El Dorado

    Another Howard Hawks primer on gender and homosociality. They don't make 'em like this anymore. Granted: they didn't make 'em like this in 1966, either.

  14. Warren Spratley's rating of the film El Dorado

    It's probably 5. I need to watch one more time; it's quite deceptive.

  15. josé neves's rating of the film El Dorado

    Cinematography by Harold (Hal) Rosson. As Hal Rosson, see, for instance, King Vidor's "Duel in the Sun".

  16. Daniel S.'s rating of the film El Dorado

    Michele Carey's hair, Charlene Holt's fishnet stockings, John Wayne riding backwards, James Caan's rifle, Robert Mitchum's bath and aging heroes refusing to die: a lot of good stuff here deserving to be seen again and again.

  17. Tom Barnard's rating of the film El Dorado

    James Caan's makeshift transformation into a chinaman caught me off-guard - I burst out laughing.

  18. Greg S.'s rating of the film El Dorado

    Its not Rio Bravo. Now that that's out of the way this is a fine film and purely Hawksian one addressing the issues of getting older and maintaining professionalism. There's a little too much goofing around in the end but one aspect of the film that hardly gets mentioned is the film's violence becoming more graphic. Mitchum is excellent even if the material he has to work with isnt all that strong.Must see.

  19. chanandre's rating of the film El Dorado

    [Cinémathèque PT #: 35 mm] (2010)

  20. Dave's rating of the film El Dorado

    I am immediately suspicious of anyone who seriously believes that this remake is better than Rio Bravo...

  21. Neil Bahadur's rating of the film El Dorado

    Far superior to the earlier Rio Bravo.