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Fair Wind to Java

Regisserad av Joseph Kane
USA, 1953
Action, Drama, Äventyr


A Yankee sea captain and his Javanese mate race a two-faced pirate to diamonds in the West Indies.

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Fair Wind to Java Regisserad av Joseph Kane


It’s a solid (and remarkably violent at times) pirate story with all the red and blue glory that Trucolor (this was shot right around the time the process was shifting from a two-strip to a three-strip process) has to offer.
August 08, 2018
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Scorsese has often spoken of his fondness for Fair Wind — and indeed, it is hugely enjoyable in its crazy way, graced by an eye-searing Trucolor palette, barreling plot developments, indifference to plausibility. . . . Republic poured a lot of money into the film (a rarity), and it shows, especially in the volcanic finale, an outstanding example of the era’s special effects.
August 07, 2018
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