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Fish Tail

Rabo de Peixe

Regisserad av Joaquim Pinto, Nuno Leonel
Portugal, 2015


Filmed in the Azores village of Rabo de Peixe (“fish tail”) this documentary about a young fisherman named Pedro is an anthropological study of an island community and a way of life that is quickly disappearing around the world.

Fish Tail Regisserad av Joaquim Pinto, Nuno Leonel

Utmärkelser & festivaler

IndieLisboa International Independent Film Festival

2015 | Vinnare: Best Portuguese Documentary (TAP Award)

Cinéma du Réel

2015 | Vinnare: Potemkine Award




If Rossellini had ever made it to the Azores, he might have come up with something akin to Rabo de Peixe (Fish Tail), even if Joaquim Pinto and Nuno Leonel’s enchanting documentary is not as inclined to fragmentation or experimentation. Yet the starting point is a similar one, the idea of turning up at a new place and channelling the fascination you feel for it into a film.
December 16, 2015
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