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Flaming Creatures

Regisserad av Jack Smith
USA, 1963
Komedi, Avantgarde, Kortfilm


Filmmaker and artist Jack Smith described his own film as a “comedy set in a haunted movie studio.”

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Flaming Creatures Regisserad av Jack Smith


FLAMING CREATURES is a non-narrative, Dionysian orgy, complete with wild dancing, gender bending, and a climactic earthquake. The carnivalesque madness of the film is reinforced by the chaotic density of its formal composition. Smith’s deliberate spatial disorientation creates a pansexual landscape of tangled body parts…
February 21, 2014
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Flaming Creatures is mesmerizing and luscious partly because Smith is more interested in emulating various features starring Maria Montez or directed by Josef von Sternberg than in subverting them. It’s an act of love, not of revenge.
February 20, 1988
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