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Foxfire: Confessions of a Girl Gang

Foxfire, confessions d'un gang de filles

Regisserad av Laurent Cantet
Frankrike, Kanada, 2012
Drama, Deckare


In 1953 New York, with a violent post-war culture controlled by men, a group of headstrong teenage girls unite into a sisterhood of blood: they form the Foxfire gang, a secret female-only society.

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Foxfire: Confessions of a Girl Gang Regisserad av Laurent Cantet


Despite its grand philosophical ambitions, Foxfire is let down by chugging, bloated storytelling and its ugly tranche of single-purpose characters. In order that we remain on the side of the gang, Cantet often paints their victims as vile stereotypes of sexual deviousness or economic entitlement. Even the girls rarely interact in a way that doesn’t inelegantly nudge their ulterior motives to the fore.
August 08, 2013
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