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High Hopes

Regisserad av Mike Leigh
Storbritannien, 1988
Komedi, Drama


Slice-of-life look at a sweet working-class couple in London, Shirley and Cyril, his mother, who’s aging quickly and becoming forgetful, mum’s ghastly upper-middle-class neighbors, and Cyril’s pretentious sister and philandering husband.

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High Hopes Regisserad av Mike Leigh


Leigh clearly loves this couple as much as we do—it’s hard to think of a more lovable couple in any 80s movie—but it’s part of the strength and solidity of this film that he doesn’t idealize them or gloss over their weaknesses. Like the late John Cassavetes, whose directorial vision has certain parallels with his own, Leigh displays a passionate affection for and commitment to his leading characters that never precludes a critical distance.
April 21, 1988
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