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It Follows

Regisserad av David Robert Mitchell
USA, 2014
Skräck, Thriller, Mystisk


For 19-year-old Jay, fall should be about school, boys and weekends out at the lake. But after a seemingly innocent sexual encounter, she finds herself plagued by strange visions that someone, or something, is after her.

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It Follows Regisserad av David Robert Mitchell

Utmärkelser & festivaler

Independent Spirit Awards

2016 | 3 nomineringar inklusive: Best Cinematography

Indiewire Critics' Poll

2015 | Nominerad: Best Original Score or Soundtrack

National Board of Review

2015 | Vinnare: Top Ten Independent Films

It Follows is a little bit Repulsion, a lot Halloween, and some weird J-horror thrown in, and the synthesis of all of the above is remarkably cohesive, reviving the vibe of 80s VHS slumber parties while still being unmistakably of its own millennial moment… The camera movements and haunted small town may evoke De Palma and Carpenter, but the most shocking thing about it is its sensitivity.
October 26, 2017
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Mitchell exploits his brilliantly simple premise—a supernatural spin on that irrational feeling that someone is right behind you, getting closer with every step—through the kind of formal ingenuity that never goes out of style, using offscreen and background space to score big scares. It Follows may be brand new, but it works in the primal manner of something much older, like a revered Halloween staple or an urban legend passed down through the ages.
October 26, 2015
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A tense and incredibly scary horror movie that also works as an exploration of the film image itself. The idea of a demon that finds and walks towards you in a straight line — often, as shot by director David Robert Mitchell, from the very depths of the frame — is unnerving, yes, but it also sets the mind on fire: You start to watch everything and everybody with suspicion.
July 23, 2015
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  • Huey McEvoy's rating of the film It Follows

    A chilly, atmospheric indie horror whose final act doesn't quite live up to its initial promise, but twists an age-old story (and many classic horror tropes) into a satisfyingly original experience. The cheap, wonky electronic score is a masterstroke.

  • Duncan Gray's rating of the film It Follows

    A remarkably cohesive synthesis of Halloween, Repulsion, and a bit of J-horror thrown in—scary, and loaded with meaning. Some say it's a metaphor for STDs, but I think it has a more shaded (and not puritanical) view of sex, and the film's horror is less about sex's physical consequences than its emotional ones. A movie about anxiety and intimacy, and a serious indie triumph.

  • Trevor Tillman's rating of the film It Follows

    The horror evokes that elusive feeling of dread one gets when forever leaving their adolescence behind only to be shellshocked in discovering that adulthood is damn anxiety-inducing. The coming-of-age subtext, along with Mitchell's masterful craft at conjuring up atmosphere and suspense within an almost purely visual, dream-logic narrative, makes this one of the most alluring titles in the genre as of late.

  • J. O.'s rating of the film It Follows

    The premise is deceivingly simple but delivers big, leaving us with a lingering feeling of dread. It's undeniably a cyclical nightmare, one that seems to be a morality tale about spreading sexual diseases. While the characters are more like caricatures and it doesn't bother to explain much of anything, the sights and sounds are enough to warrant a viewing. Chilling stuff that echoes iconic 80s horror.

  • Addy K.'s rating of the film It Follows

    The John Carpenter and 80s homages are obvious. But IT FOLLOWS is in lockstep with David Robert Mitchell's personal dream narratives and a continuing obsession with American suburbia, lost innocence and teenage love (THE MYTH OF THE AMERICAN SLEEPOVER). Maxing out his 2 million budget with William Eggleston-esque images, an evocative sound design and hip soundtrack, Mitchell does overstate the nostalgia sometimes.

  • Warren Spratley's rating of the film It Follows

    The strangest, most elliptical depiction of this kind of middle class milieu. The shock & eventual characterlessness of teenage sexuality. Logical/narrative inconsistencies no matter; this is an utterly alive, thrilling event where theme & form are wholly fused.You cannot trust space or people, but you must if you are to exist w/ any sense of normality. All its parts endlessly resonant. & it can be so, so tender!

  • HKFanatic's rating of the film It Follows

    From the moment the camera lingers on a young girl drowning an ant in her backyard pool, you know you are in the hands of a filmmaker with an uncommonly sensitive eye. David Robert Mitchell has taken the same compassion for youth culture he displayed in "The Myth of the American Sleepover" and applied it to genre cinema, creating the perfect horror vehicle for today's hookup culture. A modern masterpiece.

  • Rocco's rating of the film It Follows

    The makers of the Babadook could learn a thing or two from this one...THIS is how you do horror as metaphor. It's truly amazing what the director did with so little. The score is awesome, the performances are solid and the whole thing is just ripe for analysis. Some poor effects and dull moments keep it from perfection but overall it's the freshest horror movie I've seen since The Descent.

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