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L'amour braque

Regisserad av Andrzej Żuławski
Frankrike, 1985
Drama, Romantisk


After a successful bank robbery, Micky hopes to take back his girlfriend Mary who has been taken from him. On the way to Paris he meets Leon, a neurotic dreamer whom he considers an idiot. Leon can hardly understand what Micky is up to but he follows him everywhere and soon falls in love with Mary.

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L'amour braque Regisserad av Andrzej Żuławski


L’amour braque is indeed suggestive to me of Franco-Belgian comics, specifically the motion-heavy cartoon exaggeration of André Franquin, master of the mid-century “Marcinelle” school of comics art. No stolid, sharp ligne claire for Żuławski’s mise en scène; the general tone of this film is pitched somewhere above where oxygen deprivation causes the mind to flutter, as if the subway scene in Possession would do best reprised every five or so minutes.
March 26, 2013
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Well, isn’t this wacky. Opens with the ol’ bank-robbery-featuring-goofy-masks (one of them literally being Goofy, as I recall), then proceeds to gambol and romp—there’s no other way to put it; the male cast practically skips across the frame most of the time—through another love triangle, sadly devoid of the emotional complexity that distinguished Important-Ass Thing.
March 03, 2012
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