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Le fort des fous

Regisserad av Narimane Mari
Frankrike, Qatar, 2017


In three acts, we see re-enactments, improvisations and interviews performed and conducted with the inhabitants of Algiers, Kythira Island and Athens. A poetic voyage moving between past, present, and imagination, putting colonialism and the grave consequences of a collective hubris in focus.

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Le fort des fous Regisserad av Narimane Mari
Narimane Mari’s follow-up to her superb Bloody Beans satirizes the rigidity of Algeria’s colonial past while offering a model for a future free of its ghosts . . . As beautiful as these images are, the crowds call to mind the migrant crisis in other parts of that country and Europe, a situation that is as entrenched and seemingly hopeless as colonial rule was.
November 03, 2017
The central part was easily the most absorbing, though regardless of personal preference it’s hard to imagine a viewer who could value all three drastically different sections equally. Perhaps this confrontation of categories of taste is the point—and Mari is a strong enough filmmaker to convincingly employ and dispense with different styles at will—though a shapeshifter like By the Time It Gets Dark, included in the previous year’s Wavelengths, goes deeper in exploring the anxiety of approach.
September 21, 2017
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Spanning as many decades as it does devices, Le fort des fous ultimately finds Mari confronting history in the only logical way possible, from multiple vantages and with no recourse to the rules of storytelling. One gets the sense that Artaud and Montaigne would approve.
September 06, 2017
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