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The Living World

Le monde vivant

Regisserad av Eugène Green
Belgien, Frankrike, 2003
Drama, Fantasy


En fabel om ett troll som vill bli av med sin fru på grund av hennes vegetariska matlagning. Han vill gifta sig med en ung kvinna som han fängslat i ett kapell. Medan två barn som hålls fångna av trollet väntar på att bli uppätna, ger sig två riddare av med intentionen att sätta stoppa för honom.

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The Living World Regisserad av Eugène Green


Writer-director Eugene Green was born in the U.S. but is currently an academic based in France, and this 2003 oddity, his second feature, seems more classically French than many French releases. A charming medieval fairy tale (in partially modern dress) about two knights trying to rescue children from an ogre, it periodically suggests the work of Robert Bresson, though largely stripped of its materiality and violence.
January 18, 2006
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[Bresson] used unusual close-ups, visual metonymy, and especially his rigorous, poetic editing style to transform the photographed world into a new type of space, with an architectural structure all its own. Green reduces Bresson’s procedures to an overall flatness, an uninflected demonstrative mode.
January 01, 2005
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This fantastic story is told with great economy and is imbued with a childlike sense of play. The narrative is laced with rich and often ironic dialogue, full of quips and asides, and fuelled by an absurd logic… La Monde Vivant, which was awarded the FIPRESCI prize at the Festival, remains an abnormality, a unique treat that quietly signals an unassuming but deeply individual director in European cinema.
February 01, 2004
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