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Look Who's Talking

Regisserad av Amy Heckerling
USA, 1989
Komedi, Drama, Romantisk


Mollie is a single mum who’s on the lookout for a reliable and normal boyfriend. Her son Mikey, (unbeknownst to her) seems to have a better idea of which of the men she dates would make a good father figure! If only she could understand him.

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Look Who's Talking Regisserad av Amy Heckerling

Utmärkelser & festivaler

American Comedy Awards

1990 | Nominerad: Funniest Actress in a Motion Picture (Leading Role)


Having an unborn baby declare “Hey, let’s get a little apple juice down here” when his mother drinks apple juice, or remark to his mother shortly after his birth “Lady, I don’t know about you, but I’m beat,” may be funny, but it has nothing to do with the unknown, the nonverbal, or infant psychology. If such remarks are funny, it’s surely because of the relief they offer from the anxiety one might feel wondering what babies think.
November 24, 1989
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