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Love Is the Perfect Crime

L'amour est un crime parfait

Frankrike, Schweiz, 2013
Komedi, Thriller


Mathieu Amalric plays a befuddled, womanizing professor whose complicated life takes a turn for the worse following the disappearance of a student, in Jean-Marie and Arnaud Larrieu’s wickedly fun comic thriller.

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Love Is the Perfect Crime Regisserad av Arnaud Larrieu, Jean-Marie Larrieu


An inveterate smoker who resorts to e-cigarettes within university confines, his addiction’s so repeatedly, glaringly stressed in scene after scene you wonder if there’s some kind of punchline coming. And there is, but only in service of a finale that’s as clever as it is conventional, an ending presumably taken from the Philippe Djian novel being adapted and whose rationality presumably helped bankroll the plentiful weirdness preceding it.
March 08, 2014
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It’s refreshing to see Amalric’s bemused and shambolic affect transplanted to Chabrol/Hitchcock territory, and decorated with some familiar Larrieu Brothers eccentric touches, the film walks a very agreeable line between comedy and highly controlled slow-build suspense.
November 12, 2013
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The film swims around in various genres, including the romantic thriller, the detective story, the ‘amnesia film’, and satirical black comedy. Particularly delicious is the way it skewers the image of the magnetic, brilliant male professor who exerts an allure over his young and impressionable female students… The film’s glee in its wickedness and perversities recalls late Claude Chabrol… The film climaxes with a droll and ingenious send-up of the surrealist-inspired grand gesture.
October 14, 2013
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