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Macao, or Beyond the Sea

Macao oder die Rückseite des Meeres

Regisserad av Clemens Klopfenstein
Schweiz, Västtyskland, 1988
Drama, Fantasy


Mark Grundbacher, a Swiss philologist, kisses his beloved wife Alice goodbye and takes off for a conference in Stockholm. The plane crashes and he finds himself adrift in what should be the Baltic sea; why, then, is the island on which he alights balmy, tropical, and peopled with friendly Chinese?

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Macao, or Beyond the Sea Regisserad av Clemens Klopfenstein


Klopfenstein’s Macao may not be the masterpiece that Sternberg’s Anatahan is, although one thing is certain: it is no less the product of a single poetic, romantic, and idiosyncratic mind, an imaginary world with its own laws and nuances — including its own peculiar notions of life and death. And it is an equally lush treat for the senses.
July 14, 1989
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