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Man's Favorite Sport?

Regisserad av Howard Hawks
USA, 1964


Roger Willoughby works at a sporting goods store and is the author of a best selling guide to fishing, even though he has never fished. However Abby inveigles him to enter a fishing tournament.

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Man's Favorite Sport? Regisserad av Howard Hawks


In effect, Man’s Favorite Sport? coincides with the themes of Hemingway’s late, and then unpublished, novel, The Garden of Eden, which is about a love triangle involving a man and two women. By shifting the comic routine from Abigail to Easy, the supporting character, Hawks hints at erotic possibilities and hidden desires that gives the film a kick of modernity.
May 06, 2014
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The very clumsiness of the Hudson-Prentiss coupling is deftly integrated with the central parody of professionalism. Call it classic or archaic, but Man’s Favorite Sport? harks back to the golden age of Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn in Bringing Up Baby. The bitter spectacle of a man divested of his dignity, and the humor derived thereby, seem to apply to some pre-Feiffer species of male with dignity to spare.
March 19, 1964
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