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Mission to Mars

Regisserad av Brian De Palma
USA, 2000


When the first manned mission to Mars meets with a catastrophic and mysterious disaster, a rescue mission is launched to investigate the tragedy and bring back any survivors.

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Mission to Mars Regisserad av Brian De Palma


I still remember seeing it in theaters 16 years ago and loving it unreservedly for its breathtaking visual majesty as well as its otherworldly optimism. A rare expression of pure wonderment in the director’s oeuvre, “Mission to Mars” nevertheless contains one harrowing, heartrending sequence of personal sacrifice that deserves a permanent place in De Palma’s all-time highlight reel.
June 10, 2016
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The strangeness that De Palma conveys is as much psychological and even metaphysical as it is practical. Space is big and empty, stations are confined, weightlessness is baffling, durations are distorted, and relationships are skewed.
October 28, 2015
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