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Planet of the Apes

Regisserad av Franklin J. Schaffner
USA, 1968
Sci-fi, Äventyr


A small group of astronauts come wake up to find that their ship has crash-landed on a planet where humans are prelingual and uncivilized and apes have the supreme qualities of speech and use technology.

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Planet of the Apes Regisserad av Franklin J. Schaffner

Utmärkelser & festivaler

Academy Awards

1969 | 2 nomineringar inklusive: Best Music, Original Score for a Motion Picture (not a Musical)

1969 | Vinnare: Honorary Award

National Board of Review

1969 | Vinnare: Top Ten Films



It has an evident basis in a very European style of satirical comedy, one that revels in perversions of social practices and expectations. . . . Serling and Wilson’s revisions and Schaffner’s visualisations didn’t just make the tale more cinematic and popular, however, but also repositioned it in a more distinctly American tradition.
June 09, 2018
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The zoom out from the now tiny humans to the full panorama is a bit clunky: blame the limits imposed on camera movement by glass paintings. But the final image has undeniable grandeur, and the calm susurration of the ocean perfectly complements the blank, eyeless gaze of the inert [Statue of Liberty]… She’s an inverse Ozymandias, all upper storeys instead of trunkless legs, but her significance is identical to the remains immortalised by Shelley: “Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!”
August 05, 2016
It’s a madhouse! screams Charlton Heston in “Planet of the Apes,” after suffering unending abuse at the hands of talking primates who treat him as a threat to their order. Almost fifty years after its release, it still works because it, too, is a madhouse: up is down; black is white; ape on top, man in the dirt—or in jail. This film is a classic, by which I mean, so fundamentally compelling that once you immerse yourself in it, you tend to accept its blatantly of-the-moment aspects.
July 24, 2016
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