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Rich and Famous

Regisserad av George Cukor
USA, 1981


From the very beginning, they knew they’d be friends to the end. What they didn’t count on was everything in between.

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Rich and Famous Regisserad av George Cukor

Utmärkelser & festivaler

Writers Guild of America

1982 | Vinnare: Best Comedy Adapted from Another Medium (Screen)


A scene at the end of the film provides a suitable metaphor for Bergen’s delightfully unnatural role. Rushing into the street scantily dressed in the middle of a New York winter, Merry asks the hotel’s concierge to lend her his giant overcoat. This piece of clothing works as a double gag, proving an ill fit for both the character and Bergen. Through a novel dialectic between the old and the new, Cukor and his actresses beat a path to a vivid contemporary charm.
January 04, 2016
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