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Small Town Gay Bar

Regisserad av Malcolm Ingram
USA, 2006
Dokumentär, HBTQ+


Focusing on the day-to-day struggles of two Mississippi gay bars and the grateful patrons who often travel hundreds of miles to find them, filmmaker Malcolm Ingram reveals a surprisingly close community that treats its residents like family members.

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Small Town Gay Bar Regisserad av Malcolm Ingram

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  • Scotch's rating of the film Small Town Gay Bar

    I'm so glad there's a film about the difficulties of LGBTQ folk in the Deep South, and one that is ultimately celebratory and empowering. Also, queerer-than-thou assholes who talk shit about the supposedly superficial gay culture of clubs/bars ought to take note. For people who aren't privileged enough to live in more accepting major urban cities, these clubs are sometimes the only safe space for queer folk.

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