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Super 8

Regisserad av J.J. Abrams
USA, 2011
Sci-fi, Mystisk


In 1979, a group of kids in small town Ohio witnesses a horrible train derailment. When they discover it was no accident, they must uncover the truth behind it.

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Super 8 Regisserad av J.J. Abrams

Vad säger folk?

  • HKFanatic's rating of the film Super 8

    The first act is so polished, it glimmers - J.J. Abrams has selected a charismatic batch of youngsters and he knows how to direct them well. A shame "Super 8" loses something as it becomes a creature feature. Perhaps the difference between this film and its influences is simply that Steven Spielberg lived this story ("E.T." being based on a childhood imaginary friend) while Abrams is merely paying homage to his hero.

  • mpho3's rating of the film Super 8

    "The Spielbergian impersonation is uncannily complete, [down] to the overdetermined sentimentality of the last act. The mystery turns out to be exactly what you think it is — and for all intents and purposes it’s a darker-hued borrowing from Spielberg’s biggest hit , but Super 8 is definitely about the journey and not the destination." - Andrew O'Hehir, Salon. Thoroughly enjoyable. It's biggest flaw was all the hype.

  • Trevor Tillman's rating of the film Super 8

    Whereas Star Trek featured lens flares that were motivated by its setting and art direction, in Super 8 it's not as clear why they're so prevalent. That is until you get to the end credits and see the movie within the movie. This is a film that celebrates the imperfections found even in flicks of the highest production value. I love its earnestness.

  • Lights in the Dusk's rating of the film Super 8

    Close Encounters + E.T. + The Goonies + Explorers + Signs + War of the Worlds ÷ Son of Rambow = J.J. at his derivative best. It survives on the strength of the child actors and Larry Fong's best efforts to mimic the style of Janusz Kaminski as if on a lens flare binge. Amusing enough, but not as strong as the movies it "samples."

  • Risya's rating of the film Super 8

    Felt quite generic, a little cheesy in place but it has proper suspense build-up with decent story and a few laughs and also some moving scenes. It also has the reminiscent of older films of 70s/80s (nostalgic of Spielberg's early movies). The kid characters are the usual stereotypes but they're likable. An enjoyable popcorn flick.

  • Valu2009's rating of the film Super 8

    Four stars because this movie reminds me of the cinema I liked when I was young. So nostalgic and spielberg-flavored, it melted my heart. Well, yes, it's rethoric, the plot is nothing new, something like ad ET with vitamins. And The Goonies, Close Encounters and other stuff from the '70s/80's.

  • Duncan Gray's rating of the film Super 8

    As an alien thriller, it may not satisfy, but an alien thriller is only a fraction of what it is. 2011 is clearly the year of nostalgia: just as The Artist resurrected silent form (and as The Muppets is less a "Muppet movie" than a movie about Muppet movies), so Super 8 is a loving tribute to blockbuster filmmaking—not as crass marketing juggernauts, but as geeky daydreams originating in the heart of suburbia.

  • Jake Cole's rating of the film Super 8

    Positioning this as an original film is only possible in the Summer of Sequels; it transcends homage into downright plagiarism, but if it does not always feel genuine it at least feels earnest, which isn't quite the same thing. A great cast of young actors, some decent thrills and a solid script make it the highlight of a dull summer. But Jesus, JJ, enough with the damn lens flares.

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