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The Black Book of Father Dinis

Le cahier noir / O Livro Negro do Padre Dinis

Regisserad av Valeria Sarmiento
Portugal, Frankrike, 2018
Drama, Romantisk, Historisk


The story of the adventures, in the twilight of the eighteenth century, of a singular couple formed by a little orphan with mysterious origins and his young Italian nurse of a similarly uncertain birth.

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The Black Book of Father Dinis Regisserad av Valeria Sarmiento


Viewed in the right light, The Black Book is an exercise so defiantly old-school as to be hyper-modern, so augustly conservative as to be all-out avant-garde. For many sceptical viewers, however, this highbrow costume melodrama will come across as airless and academic. There’s no denying the individuality of this defiantly eccentric piece by Chilean director Valeria Sarmiento, however.
September 25, 2018
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A tale of passion and intrigue set in the Europe of the late 18th century whose stirring orchestral score, lavish sets, and literary voiceover are so unabashedly familiar one keeps waiting for them to be somehow undermined.
September 10, 2018
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