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The Captive

La captive

Regisserad av Chantal Akerman
Frankrike, Belgien, 2000
Drama, Romantisk, Thriller


A handsome, elegantly dressed, hopeless neurotic lives in a labyrinthine, half-renovated Paris flat with his ailing grandmother, faithful family servant, and Ariane Rey, the object of his obsessive, unquenchable desire and his willing captive in this story inspired by Proust’s La prisonnière.

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The Captive Regisserad av Chantal Akerman
Akerman makes Proust’s novel of male sexual jealousy entirely her own—indeed, it bears thematic similarities with the director’s early feature JE TU IL ELLE. The film also suggests a fusion of Hitchcock’s VERTIGO and Albert Brooks’ MODERN ROMANCE in its alternately brooding and comic depiction of obsessive behavior.
November 23, 2018
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Akerman painfully transmits the condition of captivity—being held by another’s gaze and scrutiny to the point of madness, and being locked out of it too, sensing one’s invisibility and, ultimately, the agonizing precariousness of love. In La Captive, whose final scene faintly echoes the romantic fatalism of so many literary and film heroines . . . only death robs the gaze of its suffocating power.
August 01, 2018
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I believe it remains the greatest of screen adaptations of Proust in part because if the liberties it takes with the source material, liberties that enable Akerman to more fully engage the psychological and philosophical uniqueness of Proust’s work… It’s a very mordantly funny film; the sexual jealousy of its lead character is no less maniacal and toxic than that of Jake La Motta in Raging Bull, but its articulation is so restrained and refined as to evoke a different kind of mortification.
October 06, 2015
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