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The Face You Deserve

A Cara que Mereces

Regisserad av Miguel Gomes
Portugal, 2004


An epigram opens the film: “Up to your 30s, you have the face God has given you. After that you get the face you deserve.” A prelude then follows a kids entertainer turning 30 and having a hard time of it. In the second part, seven men in the woods live according to a set of childish ritual games.

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The Face You Deserve Regisserad av Miguel Gomes


Obscure and open-ended, yet benevolent in its aim to recuperate a vanished sensibility with whimsy and humor, The Face You Deserve is forever elusive. It is as much about filmmaking itself—the rules that constrain expression and life, the youthful push against convention and what’s expected of “mature” filmmakers—as it is the chronicle of a life crisis that acquires an interior and imaginary dimension.
April 03, 2013
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