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The Heat

Regisserad av Paul Feig
USA, 2013
Komedi, Deckare, Action


Uptight FBI special agent Sarah Ashburn is paired with testy Boston cop Shannon Mullins in order to take down a ruthless drug lord. The hitch: neither woman has ever had a partner — or a friend for that matter.

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The Heat Regisserad av Paul Feig

Utmärkelser & festivaler

American Comedy Awards

2014 | 2 priser

2014 | 3 nomineringar inklusive: Funniest Motion Picture

Women Film Critics Circle Awards

2013 | Vinnare: Best Comedic Actress

Certainly less successful than Bridesmaids in terms of story and pacing, Feig’s sophomore effort is nonetheless important for finally handing McCarthy a leading role worthy of her charisma and upping the action kinetics that would later be perfected in Spy.
January 18, 2016
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McCarthy is the yin to Sandy’s pin-stripe yang, letting it all hang out as the slobby, potty-gobbed local cop Bullock is partnered with. Their onscreen chemistry may take a little while to properly infuse, but when it does, it makes for a fairly unstoppable comedic force…
July 30, 2013
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[…McCarthy’s] verbal gifts are more significant than her physicality, even when she uses both at once. Director Paul Feig understands this better than anyone, since McCarthy was the breakout star of his 2011 hit Bridesmaids. He exploits her ornate profanity to great effect again in The Heat, an often-riotous femme twist on the 1980s buddy-cop action-comedy.
July 10, 2013
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  • Palmat's rating of the film The Heat

    Good comedy with a lot of laughs and it's great to see Bullock stretch her funny bones. McCarthy, while effective in this movie, is once again doing the pottymouthed schtick she has done before which is a bit tiring to be honest. The plot is highly derivative and the running time is way too long to suspend the thin narrative. Still this is a enjoyable buddy-comedy that'll keep you entertained.

  • Matthew_Lucas's rating of the film The Heat

    Paul Fieg follows up BRIDESMAIDS with this raucous comedy starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy as cops on the trail of a vicious drug lord. Not as subversive perhaps as BRIDESMAIDS, but Bullock and McCarthy are a comedy dream team. McCarthy plays a variation on her persona from BRIDESMAIDS, but she really nails it. Pokes fun at 70s buddy cop dramas,and even packs a bit of emotional at the end.

  • mpho3's rating of the film The Heat

    The buddy cop genre dictates that our unlikely twosome will become friends and save the day, but The Heat does a great job of making the inevitable outcome seem not too sure a thing. Partially this is due to the run time and Feig's pacing, but luckily even the weak scenes where the jokes are DOA mostly work because these ladies are just damn funny together, tattle tits.

  • Anna's rating of the film The Heat

    I will never get over Melissa McCarthy referring to curtains as "window blankets".

  • Ellie Groom's rating of the film The Heat

    IMHO, this seemingly generic buddy movie is kinda revolutionary in its casting of two hilarious comic actresses who are allowed an entire movie to be crass, slapstick and witty. It's the movie Bridesmaids was a cupcake business and a sappy romantic interest away from being. I still think it would have been better if Bullock and McCarthy had played against type and swapped roles.

  • Ally's rating of the film The Heat

    Being surprised at how much I laughed at this would be an understatement. I was going into the movie expecting a chuckle every now and then, but damned if I didn't laugh every bit as much as I did at Bridesmaids. Funny, considering female comedians are still completely underrated... Even though Adam Sandler continues to land major roles. Makes complete sense.

  • Scotch's rating of the film The Heat

    It could have been a little funnier, but – let me just say – I am so happy there is a Hollywood film with badass older (and by mainstream sexist standards, that's 35+) women actors in lead action roles. Not to mention, I have a soft spot in my heart for Sandra (come on – The Net! Speed!) So really, I had a good time.

  • Erica Narduzzi's rating of the film The Heat

    Se potessi mettere meno di una stella, lo farei. Per quanto abbia trovato sempre molto brava Sandra Bullock e sinceramente divertente Melissa Mccarthy, questo film è terribile. Non mi ha fatto ridere, c'erano TROPPE parolacce (persino per una come me che, purtroppo, ne dice parecchie) ed ovviamente, come tante commedie di questo tipo, aveva anche una sceneggiatura banale. Definirlo deludente è un eufemismo.

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