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The Knick

Regisserad av Steven Soderbergh
USA, 2014
TV-serie, Drama


A look at the professional and personal lives of the staff at New York’s Knickerbocker Hospital during the early part of the twentieth century. Two seasons, and 20 episodes in total.

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The Knick Regisserad av Steven Soderbergh
In the series medium, Soderbergh has found a brand new canvas to test out visual ideas and off-kilter storytelling devices, and The Knick’s intoxicating second season proves to be a dazzlingly detailed and vibrantly visual mural of his obsessions, bringing on a sort of imagistic high that would count as the famed filmmaker’s most obvious addiction.
October 14, 2015
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At times The Knick seems too ready to slip into the anti-Victorianism that replaces all virtue with hypocrisy, the questing, scientific spirit with greed and ambition. But it springs constant surprises – plot twists or shifts in tone or gut-wringing orgies of gore (gorgies?). It is not always convincing but it is nearly always peculiar, and that is not faint praise.
October 02, 2015
As Soderbergh’s camera stalks corridors streaked with visceral residue, peering in close at brusquely opened bodies, it digests the life-and-death despair of passing patients as much as it does the larger anguish of Clive Owen’s brilliant (naturally), drug-addled surgeon. Given time to grow, it could become to ER what The Wire is to NYPD Blue.
August 16, 2015
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