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The Man Who Would Be King

Regisserad av John Huston
USA, Storbritannien, 1975
Action, Drama, Äventyr


This adaptation of the famous short story by Rudyard Kipling tells the story of Daniel Dravot and Peachy Carnahan, two ex-soldiers in India when it was under British rule. They decide that the country is too small for them, so they head off to Kafiristan in order to become Kings in their own right.

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The Man Who Would Be King Regisserad av John Huston

Utmärkelser & festivaler

Academy Awards

1976 | 4 nomineringar inklusive: Best Writing, Screenplay Adapted From Other Material

BAFTA Awards

1976 | 2 nomineringar inklusive: Best Cinematography

Writers Guild of America

1976 | Nominerad: Best Drama Adapted from Another Medium (Screen)

Golden Globes (USA)

1976 | Nominerad: Best Original Score - Motion Picture

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