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La pianiste

Regisserad av Michael Haneke
Österrike, Frankrike, 2001


I denna adaption av romanen av den nobelprisvinnande Elfriede Jelinek, som belönades med flera priser på filmfestivalen i Cannes, spelar Isabelle Huppert en begåvad men sexuellt frustrerad pianolärarinna vars värld bryter samman av de sadomasochistiska initiativen från en av hennes elever.

Pianisten Regisserad av Michael Haneke
I relish nothing more than watching any world-class actress tearing into a complicated part, and the ferocious precision of what Isabelle Huppert concocts here—vengeful, expert, supercilious, tamped-down, lonely, and volcanically perverse—is something that no other actress in years has equalled. In combination, these separate marks of the film’s distinction yield images and sequences so blunt and shattering in their affective immediacy that the film is that rare thing—literally unforgettable.
November 01, 2015
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Haneke likes to rattle your brain and moral center, making you ruminate long and hard on what you’ve just witnessed. With The Piano Teacher, it might be when our fine character lies in a bathtub and…I’ll get to that moment later. The Piano Teacher, as squirm inducing as it can become, may be the director’s most powerfully unsettling, erotic and at times, comic film.
June 14, 2009
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Haneke engineers an odd and compelling kind of sympathy for Erika. The moment she gives away her haughty, dominating posture for the sake of passion, she loses everything. The more she tries to fit Walter’s image of ideal femininity, the weaker and more pathetic she becomes. The Piano Teacher is an extraordinary study of emotional abuse.
August 01, 2002
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  • astygianelysium's rating of the film Pianisten

    The leading trio of actors portray not human beings, but elements of Control in a film which explores it at its every extreme corner. this is Control over the self (restraint, of the camera, of the pianists) as much at is relational (the mother as a restriction of potential, the game of the lovers rewriting the sex laws against each other). to read it psychologically seems a mistake: this a film foremost about form.

  • Abhinay Jakhar's rating of the film Pianisten

    the highest praise i can bestow upon this film is that it manages to create an immense empathy for the character while consciously steering away from melodrama or heavy handed storytelling.this film is a cinephile’s delicacy. note to self : WATCH EVERYTHING BY MICHEAL HANEKE

  • Güattarii's rating of the film Pianisten

    Una película donde se replica un imaginario poco común por actitudes frente al amor y los actos de placer. Llego un momento hasta el que me dio asco y remordimiento la conducta de Erika, no existe forma de describir tal emoción para formas de placer tan inexplicables como la primera vez que vemos una persona morir o comerse el raspado de un strüdell de manzana.

  • El Biffo's rating of the film Pianisten

    The film that made Isabelle Huppert the greatest actress in France. Simply amazing. No, not simple at all, actually. Amazing.

  • Coral Amiga's rating of the film Pianisten

    Deeply disturbing and yet undeniably moving. Pushing limits you didn't want to know existed to begin with. Grotesque without malice, love without hope, lust without inhibitions. It constantly defies boundaries and leaves you feeling like most Haneke's films do - like you can never go back to seeing things the way you used to.

  • Duncan Gray's rating of the film Pianisten

    Sure, a study of a bourgeoisie that'll talk Schubert but watch porn, but I usually prefer this sort of Freudian potboiler when it's pretending to be trash. That said, the biggest twist is that its kinks are revealed with tenderness and even a chance for hope. Both of which are dashed, leaving the disturbed confusion of love/sex/intimacy gone wrong when it reels from theory to practice. Huppert is enormously moving.

  • Ethan's rating of the film Pianisten

    This is one harshly sexual film and Isabelle Huppert gives an intense performance that proves she is one of the greatest actors of all time. Huppert can express more with a blank stare then most can with a ten minute monologue. Haneke crafts a meticulous film that focuses on the repression and lack of human compassion that the films characters have for each other. This is feel bad cinema at its finest.

  • Ghostman's rating of the film Pianisten

    A masterpiece. One of the greatest films of world cinema. And further confirmation that Isabelle Huppert is the greatest actor in all of cinema. I used to hate Haneke because I hated his American Funny Games and that was the first thing I saw by him. I'd avoid his work like the plague but now I want to watch everything by him. The Piano Teacher is one of the most heartbreaking films I've ever seen.

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