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The Stranger

Lo straniero

Regisserad av Luchino Visconti
Frankrike, Algeriet, 1967


In an atmosphere of political tension when the French still control Algiers, an Algerian is killed on the beach and a French man who has lived in Algiers all his life is arrested for the murder.

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The Stranger Regisserad av Luchino Visconti
Visconti re-creates the textures of the physical world with uncommon precision, which in turn highlights the distant, disaffected nature of Meursault’s inner life. To a filmmaker for whom surface and atmosphere had always provided insights into psychology, this is a telling tension: For Visconti, the tragedy of Meursault is the fact that we can never really know or understand him.
June 09, 2018
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Whatever is keeping The Stranger out of American hands, it isn’t lack of quality. I wouldn’t rank it with Visconti’s greatest films, but the first half in particular gets under your skin, and stays there… Visconti builds beautifully to the story’s abruptly violent climax, through the cackling of the women, the empty beach, and the sun drilling a hole in Meursault’s head.
June 02, 2017
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Shot in Technicolor entirely in Algeria, with Jean-Luc Godard’s favored actress, Anna Karina, as the protagonist’s lover, Visconti’s “The Stranger” makes the senseless sensuous — even sybaritic — in its blazing light and palpable heat… Steering clear of visual metaphor, Visconti focuses on atmosphere and quasi-documentary detail. Visconti’s attention to location and fidelity to Camus’s text accentuate the story’s peculiarities.
May 25, 2017
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  • dionysus67's rating of the film The Stranger

    Rather unjustly marginalized Visconti, this adaptation of Camus' eponymous novel accomplishes inconspicuously its mission with a sweaty and indolent Mastroianni enduring, like Anti-Christ, the world's weight (its taboos and normative strictures). Particularly memorable is Visconti's use of sound that creates a palpable sense of Arthur's sheer indifference to the (laws) of the universe. Strangely compelling.

  • Santropez's rating of the film The Stranger

    Man in prison tells judge his case is so simple he won't need a lawyer. The Stranger features the harshest depiction of mourn I've seen. Lead role Arthur Meursault flawlessly ignores his own emotions, yet is not sure he knows what happiness means. The script is philosophically very dense and not a single question is raised but not pursued. First-rate material by Visconti, maybe not best to watch under the influence.

  • T. J. Harman's rating of the film The Stranger

    I agree with the commenter below that this is one of the best adaptations of a book I know. This criminally underrated Visconti film graps you whethor you've read Camus or not. This is one of Mastroainna's best performances and everything was perfect. I wish someone would remaster this and give it a proper rerelease.

  • Renton47's rating of the film The Stranger

    I don't think there is anything cinematic about Camus' novel and this film misses the mark for me in a few major ways. Mastroianni is too sly and knowing in the role, and the whole construct has him recounting in languid detail the lead-up to an event that was enacted by someone with indifference to their actions. The court/circus scene diverts the story into a different film about public accountability.

  • h's rating of the film The Stranger

    bon bah c'est l'étranger de camus, donc déjà t'en ressors et t'as des tas de trucs à réfléchir. en plus c'est mastroianni filmé par visconti, (parait qu'il aimait bien les garçons lui aussi - je le comprends) donc c'est joli à regarder. et puis c'est alger, et puis les acteurs sont bons, et puis la scène de fin est absolument fantastique. par contre prévoir une bouteille de flotte pasqu'on sue pendant tout le film.

  • Mai Ragab El-Refa'ey's rating of the film The Stranger

    Even though I did not find this film artistically interesting, it remains true to the book, unlike many films based on books. Almost everything in the book is there, and that happens to be the best bit about it. Second best bit is Anna Karina, and how well she portrays the role of the playful, care-free Marie.

  • Rman's rating of the film The Stranger

    It`s a poor adaptation of a great novel which has been written by Albert Camus, I guess that the director misunderstood the novel, unfortunately. In addition, casting is not appropriate, specially Anna Karina as Marie Cardona.

  • Jim's rating of the film The Stranger

    ★★★ / 35mm / A fascinating exploration of a man’s impassivity and paralysis contains lovely Visconti flourishes, Mersault sitting motionless next to his mother’s coffin, blankly listening to the enraged ramblings of his friend, the neighbor's lost dog, his disinterest at his surreal trial. For me, Mastroianni's charisma muddles the characters normality and the final sequence in jail feels unnecessarily long winded.

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