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Wake in Fright

Regisserad av Ted Kotcheff
Australien, USA, 1971
Drama, Thriller, Kult


John Grant, a young teacher whose overnight stay in a rough outback mining town extends to a five-day nightmarish odyssey of drinking, gambling, hunting and more drinking, plunges toward his own destruction.

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Wake in Fright Regisserad av Ted Kotcheff
Got this wrong, for some reason; thought it was like STRAW DOGS, wimpy city type (a schoolteacher) terrorised by hicks, whereas it’s more like WALKABOUT in reverse, not a case of venturing deep into the Outback and gradually eliciting some kind of wisdom but a case of trying in vain to get out, back to civilisation, and sinking ever further into degradation.
August 22, 2015
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By including what is essentially documentary footage of the unrelenting destruction of Australia’s most recognisable icon [kangaroos], Canadian Kotcheff undid a decade or so of largely sunny touristic commercial cinema and government documentary and aided in ushering in a grittier, bolder and more daring era of Australian film.
March 23, 2014
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With its heat-bleached palette, soundtrack of buzzing flies, and scene upon scene of matted faces swilling can upon can of West End lager, Wake in Fright is perhaps the most dehydrating experience in all cinema… The film is about a no-exit inferno — though the hell is perhaps not the hypermacho outpost of Bundanyabba, but rather masculinity itself.
March 06, 2014
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