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What Happened Was...

Regisserad av Tom Noonan
USA, 1994
Komedi, Drama


Two people, one apartment, and a single Friday night in this examination of amorous rituals in an age of dating anxiety. Winner of the Grand Jury Prize at the 1994 Sundance Film Festival.

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What Happened Was... Regisserad av Tom Noonan

Utmärkelser & festivaler

Sundance Film Festival

1994 | 4 priser

Independent Spirit Awards

1995 | 2 nomineringar inklusive: Best Female Lead

Chicago International Film Festival

1994 | Vinnare: Best Feature Film (Silver Hugo)


The film unnerved me so much when I saw it in its initial release—25 years ago—that it was a long time before I re-visited it. Images from it haunted me for years. Marketed as a meet-cute gone awry, What Happened Was… is, instead, an unblinking look at the havoc loneliness can wreak on humans. It’s only 91 minutes, but every minute is excruciating.
July 11, 2019
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Noonan uses theatricality and artifice to his advantage. The result is a haunting, expressionistic portrait of two lonely souls who have reached out for companionship and instead found themselves on a proving ground, where they are mercilessly denuded of their protective lies and self-deception.
September 23, 2013
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