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Теснота | Tesnota

Regisserad av Kantemir Balagov
Ryssland, 2017


1998, Nalchik, Ryssland. En kris uppstår i en judisk familj när sonen David och hans fästmö kidnappas. Rebelliska dottern Ilana försöker slå sig ur ur den traditionella familjestrukturen. Medan hennes föräldrar söker hjälp hos den judiska gemenskapen, vänder hon sig till sin kabardinske pojkvän.

Vi tycker

This powerhouse debut by Kantemir Balagov, a student of master Aleksandr Sokurov, delves into the fraught relationships of the small Jewish community inside the Caucasian city of Nalchik. Darya Zhovner’s performance as a young woman seeking freedom from a confining world is fierce and unforgettable.

Closeness Regisserad av Kantemir Balagov Titta nu
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It’s a difficult film, erratic in shape and exhausting in its sensory intensity; however, thanks to the sheer force and precision of Balagov’s direction, it’s never anything short of transfixing.
April 03, 2018
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Austere, intense, claustrophobic and shot through with brilliance. . . . The director Kantemir Balagov crams his frame with people — a celebratory dinner is a bravura example of his use of cinematic space — a choice that captures the existential push and pull of identity.
March 27, 2018
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The film is dense, often moving, very successfully conducted. But after an hour, it freezes entirely. . . . In retrospect, it seems incredibly bold from first-time director Kantemir Balagov to have bet that we would still be able to care about the problems of his fictional characters after having been reminded so vividly of the horrors of history.
February 13, 2018
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