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15 best Egyptian films of all time Egyptian critics poll

kevin hackney

over 5 years ago

The best of Egyptian cinema

To mark the centennial of Egyptian cinema, Al Ahram daily newspaper asked the country’s top 20 critics to choose the best 15 best Egyptian films of all time. This is the result of the poll:

1. Al-Mummia (The Night of Counting the Years)
Directed by Chadi Abdel Salam (1975)

2. El-Haram (The Sin)
Directed by Henry Barakat (1965)

3. Al-Ard (The Land).
Directed by Youssef Chahine (1970)

4. Bidaya wa Nihaya (A Beginning and an End)
Directed by Salah Abouseif (1960)

5. Sawaq El-Autobis (The Bus Driver)
Directed by Atef E-Taieb (1983)

6. El Tooq wal Eswera (The Collar and the Bracelet)
Directed by Khairy Beshara (1986)

7. Al-Azima (The Will)
Directed by Kamal Selim (1939)

8. Bab El-Hadid (Cairo Station)
Directed by Youssef Chahine (1958)

9. Zawgat Ragol Mohim (The Wife of an Important Man)
Directed by Mohamed Khan (1988)

10. Ghazal Al-Banat (The Flirtation of Girls)
Directed by Anwar Wagdi (1949)

11. Haya aw Maut (Life or Death)
Directed by Kamal El Sheikh (1954)

12. Doaa Al-Karawan (The Nightingale’s Cry)
Directed by Henry Barakat (1959)

13. El-Baree’ (The Innocent)
Directed by Atef E-Taieb

14. El-Kit Kat
Directed by Daoud Abdel Sayed. (1991)

15. Al-Irhab wal kabab (Terrorism and the Kebab)
Directed by Sherif Arafa (1992) .

Edwin N

over 5 years ago

Bad Chahine choice with Al Ard, really…Where’s his 80s trilogy?

Dimitris Psachos

over 5 years ago

thanks Kevin for all these list threads,including countries that have been neglected in the past till now..

it’s moreover a delightful opportunity to learn more,as a head-start for a specific country’s cinematic culture,yes,Edwin has a point about the somehow academic choice of a Chahine film,and maybe Struggle in the Nile could fit there by Atef Salem,i was also wondering,hasn’t Bakarat made a film or two with Omar Sharif before he went to Hollywood?

a top 100 would have been more educative,it somehow looks like our Greek top 10 with Egyptian films that will help someone get acquainted with the culture,i gotta find some of these…

David Ehrenst​ein

over 5 years ago

I greatly admire Chahine’s “Alexandria Again and Forever”

Sudarsh​an R.

over 5 years ago

That’s a sequel to “ALEXANDRIA WHY?” isn’t it? I attended two screenings earlier this year at my local Alliance Francaise. I saw that film and DESTINY/AL-MASSIR. I want to see more.


over 5 years ago

Edwin, when i conducted an international mini-poll some years back the handful of distinguished Egyptian participants picked Al Ard/The Land as their favourite, and more surprisingly their runner-up was Gone with the Wind!

Anyway, i really want to see lots more by Chahine and from Egypt. Night of Counting the Years is on the database here but sadly not for viewers in UK

I find Chahine’s work to be wildly uneven, especially the Alexandria Trilogy. He certainly could and did have moments of utter brilliance though, especially when it came to character development.

Oh, and Al-Mummia (The Night of Counting the Years) is a great film. And I believe it’s available online and public domain.

Edwin N

over 5 years ago

It’s a trilogy, Arthur S.
It starts with “Alexandria…Why?”, then with “Alexandria,New-York” and finally with “Alexandria,Again and Forever”.
Destiny is a great spiritual/philosophic work too.Most of it was filmed in Lebanon.But it’s far from being my favorite Chahine, it lacks in good taste most of the time.

Iskanda​r Abdalla

over 5 years ago

1- Alexandria why ? ( Iskendria Leh ? ) 1978
by : Youssef Chahin

2 – The Night of Counting the Years ( Al Mummia ) 1975
By : Shady Abd Al Salam

3 – Cairo Station ( Bab El Hadid ) 1958
By : Youssef Chahin

4 – Al Ard ( The Land ) 1970
By : Youssef Chahin

5 – Al Boustagy ( The Postman ) 1968
By : Hussien Kamal

6 – Lachine 1939
By : Fritz Kramp

7 – Al Azima ( The Will ) 1939
By : Kamal Salim

8 – Zawgty we El Kalb ( My Wife & The Dog ) 1971
By : Said Marzouk

9 – Gannet al Shyateen ( Fallen angels paradise ) 2000
By : Osamma Fawzi

10 – El Haram ( The Sin ) 1965
By : Henry Barakat