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250/50: The MUBI Forum Users' Top 20 List Finals


over 3 years ago

DImitris’ Votes:

The Travelling Players +2
Fanny and Alexander -1
Scenes from a Marriage -1

If Theo goes down, Bergman will fucking go down first. To all who keep up with the spite votes: grow up.

Great top 20 but still a Japan-France-U.S.A. coalition in the top 50..what’s with those 3 countries anyway? Sheesh….

Drunken Father Figure of Old

over 3 years ago

Jeanne Dielman +2


over 3 years ago

Manoel on the Island of Miracles +2

Brad S.

over 3 years ago

>>Great top 20 but still a Japan-France-U.S.A. coalition in the top 50..what’s with those 3 countries anyway? Sheesh….<<

Well you don’t have to take it out on poor little Sweden. ;)


over 3 years ago

+2 Wanda
-1 Woman in the Dunes


over 3 years ago

playtime seems to be dead… bummer

Out of the Past +2

Alan Ongaro

over 3 years ago

+ 2 Maborosi

- 1 My Neighbour Totoro
- 1 Chungking Express

Uli Cain, Cinefidel¹³

over 3 years ago

If we’re going to do an honest list, shouldn’t all countries be included?

Fuck nationalism, a film is a film is a film, no restraints, no qualifications. If we’re gonna play voting games, vote the fuckin’ film, not some bullshit country of origin game.

Ben Kennard

over 3 years ago

My Neighbour Totoro +2


over 3 years ago

There was something strange about this game that I couldn’t put my finger on (well, other than this whole, vote honestly for the best films as long as they’re from Uzbekistan thing). I’ve figured it out. This is not a good list, because it is ultimately driven by the few. If we consider it a game to find twenty five-star films, that’s fine. However, it can never be a definitive list. The reason things like Sight and Sound work is that they ask a lot of people what their favourite films are and the most often named make the list. The problem here that I’ve noticed is that a lot of people will vote up a film. Then, the few who believe that the film should not be in the top 20 (they often say it’s good, but not that good) vote it into oblivion. So, these films end up being voted off because for one reason or another, a few believe they aren’t as good as the majority seems to. That’s why the original 20 have all fallen off. That’s why a film like Videodrome made it into the top 20 and then got voted off. That’s why a film like Maborosi went from number 1, the greatest film ever made status to bottom of the heap. So, if you want a definitive list of mubi’s greatest, you’re shit out of luck. However, the final list will still work as a curio of underseen marvels. Hopefully.


over 3 years ago

Tale of Tales +2

Heartbeat Detector (aka The Human Question) -1
Pandora’s Box -1


over 3 years ago

+2 The Travelling Players
-1 Men on the Mountain
-1 Playtime

Kilgore Trout

over 3 years ago

+ 2 Medium Cool

-1 The Travelling Players
-1 City of Pirates


over 3 years ago

The Browning Version (Asquith) +2

The Charles Bukowski Tapes -1
The Travelling Players -1

Mr. Arkadin

over 3 years ago

Woman in the Dunes +2
In a Lonely Place -1
Medium Cool -1

Archie Del Mundo

over 3 years ago

Insiang +2
The Travelling Players – 1
Medium Cool – 1

Salem Kapsask​i

over 3 years ago

+2 Charles Bukowski Tapes
-1 Scenes from a Marriage
-1 The Travelling Players

The Africa Film Project

over 3 years ago

+ 2 A Canterbury Tale

-1 Maborosi
-1 Edvard Munch


over 3 years ago

I Fidanzati +2

A Man Escaped -1
Come and See -1


over 3 years ago

Les Vampires +2

Eden and After -1
Maborosi -1


over 3 years ago

Celine and Julie Go Boating + 2

Edvard Munch -1
My Neighbor Totoro -1


over 3 years ago

The Man Without a Past +2
Marketa Lazarova -1
Insiang -1


over 3 years ago

Evolution of a Filipino Family +2
Medium Cool -1
The Browning Version -1


over 3 years ago

+2 The Third Part of the Night


over 3 years ago

My Neighbor Totoro +2

Ace in the Hole -1
L’Eclisse -1

Josh, remember when I tried to make a deal with you to not vote down my film if I wouldn’t vote down Floating Clouds and you said you weren’t worried because Floating Clouds was in the top 20? With only one other person supplying one -1 since then and me supplying all the others, Floating Clouds is gone.

Someone save Hou’s best film, The Time To Live and the Time To Die (unless you’re going to vote up Totoro instead!).


over 3 years ago

Come and See +2

Chimes At Midnight -1
My Neighbor Totoro -1


over 3 years ago

Nice to see a Come and See backer, Steve. Just 5 rounds ago it was at 16 points. Now it’s edging toward the danger zone at 9.

Hazel Honeycu​tt

over 3 years ago

+2 Edvard Munch
-1 Playtime
-1 Sherlock Jr.

@Dennis Brian- this is subjective for either of us, but to me Blood of a Poet just feels like a series of experiments which Cocteau later put to use with context and structure in Orpheus. Beauty and the Beast shines to me because it codes his themes/ideas neatly underneath burning melodrama and glorious romantic fantasy.

ruby stevens

over 3 years ago

and 3 rounds ago the lady eve was in the top 20 and now it’s gone completely. behold the power of zvelf’s comments about the tspdt canon


over 3 years ago

I’m so sorry, Ruby. I really did want The Lady Eve to survive longer.